Entering an Order

How to Enter a Patriot Name Search Order:

If you are a client, you can sign on to Patriot Name Search by entering your email address and password. This will advance you to the Patriot Name Search Order Entry screen. (Not a client? Click here for information.)

Effective September 24, 2001, President Bush issued Executive Order 13224 (as amended by order 13268), which requires anyone conducting a financial transaction to determine if the person(s) with whom they are doing business are listed on the Blocked Person's List. In addition, the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 requires similar checks and compliance procedures. Charles Jones provides information on what to do if an individual name or entity appears on the list.

There are two basic steps for entering a Patriot Name Search:

  • Name Entry Screen

  • Order Confirmation

    Name Search Entry Screen: On the Patriot Name Search Entry Screen you can add multiple "individual" and/or "entity" names.

    Patriot Name Search Current Name #1

    Preliminary Information: Throughout the Patriot Name Search screen, you can use the Tab key or your mouse to move from field to field. The following are the fields where you need to enter information:

    Delivery Options: The top of the screen shows your default "Delivery Options" for delivering your certificates. You can change from the default by clicking on the drop down menu and making another selection. You will notice that with each choice you make, the field to the right of "Delivery Options" changes. For example, if you would like your certificates delivered via e-mail, the field next to Delivery Options will prompt you to enter your "E-Mail Address." If you choose Fax number as your delivery option then again the field will change to prompt you to add your "Fax Number".

    Your Reference: The "Your Reference" field is your own alphanumeric reference for this search and will appear on your bill. You may type in any information you wish that will be helpful in identifying this search.

    Enter Individual or Entity to be Searched - Current Name #1:There are three separate fields for an Individual Name: "First Name", "Middle Name", and "Last Name". You must enter BOTH a First and a Last Name. If you do not, the system will prompt you to do so before advancing you to the next screen. The Middle Name can be a full name or initial and is not required to process your search request, but adding it will narrow your search results (particularly for Common Names). You can enter both an individual and entity names on this screen. You can also add multiple names to be searched. You can enter an individual name under the header: "Individual" and enter all entities (companies or organizations) under the header: "Entity". You cannot enter an entity name in the Individual fields or an individual name in the field for Entity.

    Please note:> You do not have to enter an "Individual Name" as long as you enter an "Entity Name" in the proper fields. And, you do not need to enter an "Entity Name" if you are entering an "Individual Name" in the proper fields.

    To enter more than one entity, simply enter an individual name and click on the "Add" button that appears to the right of the name you entered. You will notice that once you click on the "Add" button, it create a new field for you to enter another name, and it also changes the "Add" for the name you just entered into a "Delete" button. The same is true for the "entity" names.

    Thru Date:All Patriot Name Searches have a 'hard coded" thru date that you cannot change. It is the date that the name is current as directed by the Office of Foreign Asset Control.

    Actions you can perform on this screen are:

  • Submit - which will submit your order and advance you to the Order Confirmation Screen.

  • Cancel - which will clear your selections

    Submit Your Search: Once you have made all modifications to your searches and checked to ensure its accuracy, click on the "Submit" button to advance to the next screen. The "Cancel " button will cancel your entire order. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to delete the entire order prior to submission. By canceling the order at this point you will not be charged for this search and NONE of the names from this search will be sent to Charles Jones for searching.

    Order Confirmation Screen
    The Order Confirmation screen will show you the charges for the searches you entered and will also include the following:

  • Search Number: The 7 digit number that Charles Jones gives your search

  • Search Type: PS- this signifies that you have entered a Patriot Name Search

  • Status: Informs you that the search was accepted into the system

  • Delivery: posts the delivery option you chose for this order. For example, if you chose "Web Delivery" as your delivery option, "Web" will appear in the box under "Delivery".

  • Fee: The cost of the search(es).

    On this screen you have the option of:

    Printing a confirmation - This action will print a confirmation of your order

    New Search Same Type - You can enter additional Patriot Name Searches

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