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Charles Jones has advanced the art and science of searching, and earned a distinctive reputation for accuracy and dependability. It is our signature service . From the early days of searching public records by hand to our present Internet-accessible search system, Sign On™, our experienced staff and leading-edge technology continue to provide the reliable information you need.

Charles Jones, a Newark attorney, started the company in 1911 by manually searching and indexing public records filed in New Jersey. The firm continued this practice until 1969, when his son, Donald Jones, went against the advice of other experts and installed our first computer system. With this he was able to speed the process of searching, and lead the firm into the technology age. A pioneer and visionary in this field, he then led the company along this new frontier by expanding his investment and spearheading the development of a complete electronic database. By 1972, the first fully computerized search was made, positioning the company to continue as a leader in the information industry. In the late 1970's, he continued this forward thinking and made Charles Jones one of the first companies in our industry to provide online access and information services.

Today, our large computerized facility includes numerous high-speed computers with scalable disk storage to provide immediate access to more than 50 million records. We understand our customers' need for fast service and accurate results, and we developed a web-based search system, Sign On™, that offers access to a growing range of information services in a convenient, point and click environment. Customers can enter search requests throughout the day and obtain almost immediate results.

Charles Jones Inc. continues to create dependable solutions, adding value to public record data so that our customers can make the best decisions with confidence and ease. We also foster a corporate culture that encourages employees to innovate and implement ways to improve our customer focus and performance.

The company was founded upon a commitment to provide prompt, personalized service and certified accuracy. This promise continues at the forefront of our work today. With a staff of experts in customer service, data collection, searching, systems development, data analysis and quality control - we continue to improve and refine our services to provide you with the best possible value. At Charles Jones, dedication to the art and science of searching is our signature service - today and into the future.

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